5 Ways To Cover up Your Tattoo

5 Ways To Cover up Your Tattoo

So you had a gorgeous tattoo that has faded? Or perhaps you thought you had met “the one” but you are no longer together. Did you belong to a gang but quit? Or do you want to hide tattoos for professional reasons? Whatever the case, the tattoo that you once flaunted with pride is something you want to eradicate all signs of. So let us discuss some clever and easy ways to cover tattoos.

With another tattoo

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This is the easiest way to permanently cover up an existing tattoo which you no longer want to flaunt. You only need to consult an expert tattoo artist from Gamido Tattoo studio in Stockholm for this purpose. Tattoo cover ups are dictated by your existing tattoo; so you need to be sure that the chosen artist knows what s/he is doing. Here are some before and after pictures of how artists have covered a tattoo with another tattoo.

Tattoo cover up tapes

If you are looking for things to cover up tattoos temporarily for work or an interview etc, then you will love tattoo cover up tapes. These are perfect for hiding small tattoos on your palms, neck, fingers, ankles etc-pretty much all exposed areas which your clothes cannot cover. The tapes are water resistant, easy to use with self adhesives and also long lasting.

Makeup concealer for tattoo

Head over to your Wal-Mart store to buy makeup concealers and cover up tattoo temporarily for work. Makeup concealer for tattoo is easy to use and heavy duty concealers are available in pencil form so all you need to do is use them to draw on your tattoo for long lasting coverup. Creamy makeup is available in different shades and is also naturally blend-able. These highly pigmented concealers are also perfect for covering dark circles, freckles and acne blemishes etc.


This is an obvious way to cover up your tattoo but is perhaps the most natural, cost-effective and time-efficient means of hiding what you don’t want people to see.  The most important thing is consistency. So if you’re worried about people at work seeing your tats, always wear long sleeves or pants and avoid the company pool parties. Many of our tattoo removal patients haven’t worn shorts or skirts to work until they’ve had laser tattoo removal treatments to lighten and remove their unwanted ink.

With your hair (tattoos on neck)

Of all things that cover up tattoos on the neck, your hair is the easiest. Wear your hair up or down strategically so that it covers the tattoo on the neck fully. A loose ponytail or a low-bun is perfect for women while men can wear it a little longer to cover tattoos on the upper side of the back of the neck.


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